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Our History...
The sound of leaves rustle against the outside of the barn as a light summer breeze takes them on a whirlwind journey across the yard. The leaves settle and the world falls quiet again. Increasing pain causes the mare to pace in her stall, knowing that the time is growing near. She tries to get comfortable by laying down, only to get up again when the pressure is too much. She walks circles, paws, lays down again and begins to push.

Her owner arrives speaking in hushed whispers trying to hide her own sense of urgency and panic for she knows that so many things can go wrong. But she holds her composure and reassures her mare that all will be well. Soon the bubble appears followed by feet and a nose. The mare pushes and struggles to bring forth the life she has been nurturing, and the owner pulls and struggles to help. With a final push the foal arrives and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The owner smiles and pats the mare, telling her what a wonderful job she has done.

The mare knickers softly to her newborn foal. Standing to see her new foal, she breaks the tie that has bound them for eleven months. The baby stands on wobbly legs and approaches his mother, who waits patiently to supply him with his life-sustaining colostrum. He nurses, and all appears well with the world.

What you have just read is a normal foaling experience...a textbook birth...the type of experience that is prayed for each time a mare goes into labor. Unfortunately not all foalings are "text book" or produce a good outcome. And even with a good birth, the foal or mare may experience trauma or illness thereafter.

Support Our Cause. Buy a Bracelet Such is the case of Lukky...a colt born in early summer 2006. It was a text book foaling and all seemed well - until the next day when Lukky was diagnosed with joint ill. He underwent multiple joint flushings and antibiotic treatments that were costly, emotionally and monetarily. Lukky's owner vowed to do all she could to help him and her bills mounted. She struggled with the fear of losing her beloved colt, and the fear of bills that might go unpaid if she continued treatments.

Sadly, during a joint flushing, Lukky lost his battle for life. He left this earth to finally run pain free with the other foals that have gone before him.

Having an animal that you love go through any type of illness can be devastating to your heart and mind as well as your finances. It's unfortunate that anyone should have to choose non-treatment due to the high costs of medical treatment.

For the love of a colt named Lukky, a group of women decided to try to stop the suffering and to provide support and nurturing for all equine friends in need.

Dear Lukky, this organization is dedicated to you. Your life here was short, but not without purpose, for you allowed us to form an organization that will help so many.

Check our Caring Page to see who we have helped or are in the process of helping.



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